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Provider Ranking information based on actual experience data along with cost information for specific medical procedures.

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Provider Rankings. Objective. Comprehensive. Real.

Identify high-performing medical providers to lower healthcare costs through improved health outcomes.

Our core purpose is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. healthcare system.

What is Quality?

Quality medical care is hard to identify from a medical record. Quality means the patient got better and can return to their regular life's activities. Some attempts to measure quality have looked at mortality rates and hospital readmissions. These adverse outcomes should almost never occur, so they tell you nothing about 99% of doctors. Furthermore, when using adverse events to measure quality, it is important to adjust for patient risk, so doctors do not avoid more risky patients, but there is no perfect solution for risk adjustment. Other attempts to measure quality have looked at what doctors should not do, specifically unnecessary care. While following the findings from evidence-based medicine is important, some have suggested these measures are focused more on cost, specifically cost avoidance. We needed to identify a predictor of quality that is available for every medical provider: level of experience. This is backed by the medical evidence as the best proxy measure to predict a good health outcome. See Does Practice Make Perfect in Healthcare? Experienced doctors also know when not do a procedure, and because they are busy performing successful procedures, they are not looking to add inappropriate procedures.

This is a perfect product for insurance carrier networks. Any network that is evaluating the providers in their networks would appreciate the rankings.

Health networks would benefit by reviewing actual performance data on providers that dive deeper than a traditional license screening.

Real, Comprehensive Provider Ranking System™

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Over One Million Providers

Including medical doctors and all other types of providers that bill for medical procedures.

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Lookup provider by 10-digit NPI numbers, or by any combination of last name, first name, city, state and medical specialty.

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Benefits of Provider Ranking System™

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100% Transparent

No paid advertisements or placement. A transparent methodology based on factual data, not opinions.

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Comparative Data

Compare unbiased provider ranking and cost information for specific medical procedures/providers.

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Manage Costs & Resources

Unique targeted information can optimize health outcomes, cost efficiency and manage referral resources effectively.

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