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Who we are - Provider Ranking System

Denniston Data focuses on serving the needs of healthcare payers, such as large, self-insured employers and health insurers, to help them research and identify the best doctors and manage medical provider network. We also address the needs of medical specialty referral sources, such as case managers, saving them time and money on data needed to inform their referrals. We also provide unique target information of medical providers and doctors to marketers at pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Our goals are to be a leader in the healthcare and medical  providers evaluation market, and a key source for the provider sales information market. Our story stems from recognizing the need for transparency in identifying and ranking providers. Our objective is that our service becomes an integral part of the jobs of our subscribers, and one they rely on daily. 

The principals of Denniston Data have together founded and built multiple enterprises in the healthcare field. 

Note: The  PRS™ rankings are currently based on Medicare data. If a clinician does not accept Medicare, he/she will not be found.  If they only see Medicare patients on a limited basis, their grade will tend to be low, reflecting a lack of volume for services. The ranking is based only on experience with Medicare patients, and a provider’s ranking will go up as the provider gets more experience. It is objective, supported by medical evidence as a good proxy for outcomes (which are otherwise hard to measure), and not based on opinion or cost. On the contrary, PRS supports higher payment for quality.

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