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Medical Provider Ranking System for healthcare

Our Medical Provider Ranking System will save our clients time in researching doctors and medical providers, and the system will help them do their job better and make informed decisions about their providers. The medical providers covered initially include all doctors, therapists, and ancillary services. Eventually included will be hospitals, rehab facilities, and long-term care.

Healthcare in the U.S. is enormous, almost 20% of GDP, nearly $4 trillion, and very much in need of services that can improve efficiency and effectiveness. A recent wider acceptance of reimbursement for telemedicine expands the provider base beyond the typical local geographic area, and accurate provider ranking can facilitate this process.

There are currently dozens of medical provider evaluation services, giving grades, ratings, and reviews. They are generally all free, with a consumer focus, and revenues come from advertising, with the ability to influence ratings via money spent on ads. Transparency is lacking. Provider Ranking System (PRS) by Denniston Data does not accept ads or payment for listings. We use a transparent process to present actual data. We provide real data, not opinion. Our clients can expect objectivity, lack of bias, and transparency.  Start your risk free 2 week trial by clicking the button below.  

Our Team

The Provider Ranking System – Denniston Data team includes medical experts, software engineers, and Web designers. In the current environment operations are decentralized, with team members working out of multiple states, most of them being in Texas, California, and New York.  Read more on our principals here.

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