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Provider Ranking information based on actual experience data along with cost information for specific medical procedures.

The Best Medical Care Worldwide is in the U.S.

According to the International Journal of Public Health:

America is rated among the top medical tourism destinations in the world.

The medical tourism market in the US was estimated at US $18 billion in 2020, and this figure is projected to reach US $31.2 billion by 2027. Medical tourism is defined as travel primarily for the purpose of receiving health care. US travel is recommended for procedures where access and quality are the primary motivations for medical tourism rather than simply the cost.

You can select the best medical doctors in the US for every possible medical procedure, both nationally and by location

Help your family and associates get the best medical care when they need it.

Medical tourists see the benefits as being: (1) Speed (reduced waiting times); (2) Ease (booking online and paying in cash); (3) Privacy (recovering away from friends and family); (4) Travel opportunities (a chance to see popular tourist attractions while abroad); (5) tax deductibility; and most importantly, (6) the BEST MEDICAL OUTCOMES. According to referring medical doctors, experience is the most important missing factor in making referral decisions. A systematic review of 50 on-line medical tourism websites showed information is lacking on the details of the number of procedures carried out by a provider – only 5 of the sites listed surgeon experience of each procedure performed. (Lunt and Carrera, 2011).

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