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Provider Ranking information based on actual experience data along with cost information for specific medical procedures.

The specialist referral: Primary care providers (PCP) need more information.

According to CMS data:

95% of care is based on referrals

Each Primary care provider (PCP) commands an average of $10M in annual revenue, 95% of which is spent in downstream care, which is driven by referrals. When making a referral, the PCP often has very little information on specialist quality or cost. Because most PCPs rely on their clinical judgement rather than guidelines when making referrals, wide variation is inevitable.

Official Medical Specialist Referral Guidelines (MSRG) from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Help your patients get the best medical care.

According to referring medical doctors, experience is the most important missing factor in making referral decisions. The Stax study concluded that two-thirds of physicians do not have all the information they need to make optimal referral decisions, with the most important missing information being doctor’s experience (85 percent), hospital quality (57 percent) and patient satisfaction (56 percent). Healthgrades suggested that recent studies show that better patient outcomes occur with higher volume, across a variety of physician specialties and procedures, ranging from childbirth to angioplasty. (Healthgrades, 2014)

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