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Provider Ranking information based on actual experience data along with cost information for specific medical procedures.

According to Senate Bill 863:

High-performing physicians reduce WC costs by an average of 20%

For comparable injuries, group health medical providers have better outcomes at lower costs than workers' comp medical providers. (NCCI) Physicians who have high scores in producing superior medical outcomes also reduce medical costs by an average of 20 percent. Previous studies have shown that treatment by these physicians also cuts indemnity costs. (SB863) Using high-performing surgeons improves results in workers’ comp. They reduce costs, litigation and improve outcomes for injured workers. (Workers’ Compensation Institute) When employers focus on better medical outcomes in WC, the result is less time away from work and lower overall claim costs. (Property Casualty 360)

According to Phil Denniston, co-founder of ODG, "There are two primary decisions that can significantly improve workers' comp outcomes: (1) Pick the right treatment (and that is what ODG does, using EBM); and (2) Pick the right doctor (using the same transparent, evidence-based methodology that ODG uses)."

Help your injured workers get the best medical care.

The Denniston Data team includes medical experts, software engineers, and Web designers experienced with workers' comp data. We save our clients time in researching medical providers, and we help them do their job better in making decisions about medical providers. The medical providers covered include all doctors, therapists, and ancillary services.

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