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Backed by medical evidence, DDI has identified level of experience as the best predictor of quality medical care, and the best proxy to predict a good outcome; this is a measure that is available for every medical provider, both hospitals and physicians. Other attempts to measure quality have looked at adverse events such as mortality rates and hospital readmissions. These adverse outcomes should rarely occur, so they tell you nothing about most providers. Furthermore, when using adverse events to measure quality, it is important to adjust for patient risk, so providers do not avoid more risky patients, the ones most in need of care, but there is no universally accepted solution for risk adjustment. 

Ineffective treatment wastes money and keeps employees off work.

According to the Washington Examiner

30%-50% in Savings

Innovative employers, who have been able to access real healthcare prices, have saved 30% to 50% on their healthcare costs by steering their employees to price-transparent, less-expensive alternatives. These employers are sharing their savings with employees in the form of lower premiums and higher wages, helping workers in today's high-inflation environment. High-Performing Physicians Can Save Over $700 Billion in Health Care Costs. (UHC) High performing Orthopedic Surgeons had 10% fewer complications and 41% fewer revisions,

Attract & retain better employees by offering improved health benefits.

Improved health benefits can save money on salary costs.

The Denniston Data team includes medical experts, software engineers, and Web designers. In the current environment operations are decentralized, with team members working out of multiple states, most of them being in Texas, California, and New York.

We save our clients time in researching medical providers, and we help them do their job better in making decisions about medical providers. The medical providers covered initially include all doctors, therapists, and ancillary services. Eventually included will be hospitals, rehab facilities, and long-term care.

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